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   Thank you to those contractors of Andrews Concrete Construction for their participation in the interviews they allowed for this page. Excerpts were taken from the main interviews that were conducted, and were then condensed for the sake of brevity. More will be added in the near future.

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heartland builders logoRich Kogelschatz - Heartland Builders

   Q: How would you compare Andrews Concrete to other contractors?

A: With Andrews I don't ever have to worry or babysit them. They are going to do a good job, they are very professional. I don't have any concerns about the end product with them. I know that they are confident and capable, and they stand behind their work.

   Q: Are you satisfied with the quality of their work over the years?

A: No question about it, quality has alway been very good.

   Q: How long have you been doing business with Andrews Concrete?

A: They are the only contractor I have been working with since 1997. The are financially sound, which is always important. Their staff has always been confident and very professional, and their finished product is always very good.

Q: Could you trust them with everything?

A: No question about it. red quote image

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chary construction logo

George Brown - Chary Construction

   Q:How long has Chary Construction used Andrews Concrete?

A: About 10 to 15 years.

   Q:Are you satisfied with the quality you get?

A:Andrews has always been "do it right and do it right the first time". The have always been good and we have always been satisfied.

   Q: Do like the way the crews are trained?

A: They got guys that are well trained, not your average guys out there, (Don) Andrews has great crews.

   Q: How do they compare to other contractors you've used?

A: They have guys that are very professional. They are skilled and good guys. They are a notch above the usual contractor, and they have been good to me over the years... and I hope I have been good to them.

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quote icon Doug Burnham - Burnham Construction

   Q: How many years has Andrews subcontracted for you?

A: Since about 1987.

   Q: What impresses you about Andrews crews?

A: They're always receptive and take care of business in a good business atmosphere. They do good work I've gotta say that. They've done good work over the years. They put up a good wall, and usually within tolerances. You don't have to cut things out and grind things off to make things work. They pull things off.

   Q: How do they rate with other concrete contractors?

A: Well, they are above the quality the other guys have provided. There has only been a couple of instances of problems ( that were due to weather ) that created bad issues and they took care of them 100%. To rate that, that's 100% plus rating compared to the other guys. When you work with Andrews, you feel like more of a partner.

   Q: More of a relationship based company?

A: Well yeah, you know, you go with someone who does the job right so it doesn't make your job any harder, and you get a better finished product in the end. They've got a good track record, they get stuff done. Even when they get busy they have been able to keep that pace and actually keep the quality of it too.

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quote icon Garry Tissue - Tissue Construction Inc.

   Q: How long have you used Andrews Concrete for residential concrete?

A: Almost since they started. The spring of 1976, or close to fourty years.

   Q: What is it about Andrews that most impresses you?

A: Oh, that they got the equipment and manpower to get the job done. They know they have to do quality work. Concrete can be chaos, once you pour the wall, or once you pour the floor, if it ain't right, the only way to fix it is to tear it out. They have always been good about getting it right the first time. They got people to get the job done.

   Q: Do you feel the Andrews crews got it down?

A: Oh yeah, when they hit the ground running, there's no standing around. They know what they gotta do. Yeah, they got it together.

   Q: How do they rate among other contractors?

A: Oh, they're top notch, they're top door. For years they are the only ones I use. Seldom was there any misstep.

   Q: Does Andrews do commercial concrete for you also?

A: We've done a lot of commercial work too. We've done some jobs in commercial parks where we put 20,000 square feet of six inch reinforced concrete floor and they poured it all in one shot. Andrews is probably ones that could pour that big.

   Q: They have modern equipment don't they?

A: Oh yeah, they've got first class equipment. Their whole grounds are really impressive especially in a smaller town.

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Glenn Tissue - Glenn Tissue Builders glenn tissue builders icon

   Q: How many years has Andrews done residential concrete for you?

A: Twenty-five years to be safe, twelve under my current company.

   Q: What impressess you about Andrews Concrete?

A: Their customer service, and they have always gone out of their way to accomodate me and get done what I need to get done. They do a good job for me and they are very fair.

   Q: How do they compare with other contractors that you have used in the past?

A: When it comes to pouring walls, there are no other ones because I've never had anyone else pour walls. I've had other guys do flatwork ya know, they're okay, but Andrews has the manpower when things get really busy, they get it done.

   Q: Do you feel Andrews Concrete crews are trained well?

A: Yeah, their number one man there, Jim Sanders, is excellent. He understands everything you need to know about pouring walls, I mean he's sharp, he does a good job. They don't mind communicating with me to have my imput because I am their customer.

   Q: You feel like there is more of a professional relationship with Andrews?

A: Oh yeah, it's a relationship that has grown over lots of years.

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Gene Cummins - Steel Erection Corporation

   Q: About how many years has Andrews Concrete been subcontracting for you?

A: On and off I've used them for the last twenty years

   Q: What commercial projects have they done for you recently?

A: They've done Belding Tanks, Tri-County Equipment, Magnum Power, and some others.

   Q: How do they compare with other concrete contractors?

A: Just show them the job, and they get'er done.

   Q: What is the differences in training and how they respond to you?

A: Oh, they're first class. If you have a big job to do, call them.

   Q: Are you satisfied with the quality of work Andrews has done for you over the years?

A: Oh, absolutely

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