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Andrews Concrete Construction Commercial Services

   If you are considering an important commercial concrete project, whether it's a large structure in a commercial park using state of the art laser screeders, or a small church, Andrews Concrete must be at the top of the list of professional concrete contractors. We have proven to all of our customers that our experience, quality, concrete knowledge, project proficiency, and dedicated well trained crews live up to all customer expectations in the field. Our crews often impress our customers with their "hit the ground running" work ethic. Their commitment and effort that is displayed on a daily basis has made Andrews Concrete the great company that it is today.

   As our customers well know, commercial concrete takes a vast amount of cooperation between contractors before, during, and after the completion of the project. Our professional Senior Operations Manager will work closely with you in every detail of your project with the friendliness and skilled professionalism that he has accumulated for nearly fourty years. He will help you save every dollar possible to enable you to stay at project cost. Your projects' timetable and completion is very important to us. When you hire Andrews, you are assured of getting the best partner you could find. You have our commitment and guarantee to be there as your partner.

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Andrews Concrete Construction Residential Services

   We began residential concrete fourty years ago during the very hard times of the mid-70's. Through sheer hard work and the desire to do high quality work, we have become one of the largest residential contractors in Montcalm county. With project foreman that have accumulated a combined 100 years of concrete experience, we have poured innumerable amounts of footings, foundation walls, driveways, sidewalks, porches, and patios for residential contractors and homeowners in Michigan. Andrews Concrete work crews and foreman have established a "do it right the first time" approach to every project they do. Residential concrete is an important part of our business, and we will not change that focus. Residential concrete is highly important to our community here in Greenville and all of the surrounding counties. The relationship that we have with residential contractors and homeowners is invaluable to us as a people oriented concrete business.
   As a homeowner, what you get as a finished product is what you are investing your hard earned money into. Andrews Concrete is sure that our finished product will bring a smile to your face when you see your investment completed. There is nothing like knowing you got more than you expected.
   When we start your project, you will get premium grade concrete mainly from High Grade Concrete and selected others depending on area of project. We make sure only the very best concrete mixtures are used after considering environment, temperature, and application specifications.

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Andrews Concrete Construction Agricultural Services

   Our location in Greenville Michigan requires us to have excellent agricultural concrete services to surrounding farms and agricultural businesses. Agricultural concrete projects such as:

wheelbarrowManure Pits
wheelbarrowDairy Parlors
wheelbarrowPost Frame Foundation Slabs
wheelbarrowFertilizer Storage Facilities
wheelbarrowBarn Flooring
wheelbarrowAgricultural Warehouse Storage
wheelbarrowWaste Storage

   With the ability to go virtually anywhere with our concrete pump trucks, your project options are nearly endless. Our modern equipment allows us to give you cost saving choices when you want to expand your farms and family businesses.    The above project list reflects a small sampling of what Andrews Concrete Construction can do for the enterprising farming community that we are proud to know and serve.

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Andrews Concrete Construction Pumping Services

   Concrete pump trucks are the major contributor in saving you project costs in their ability to pump high volumes of concrete to places nearly inaccessable by any other outdated means. With the ability to pump more than 100 yards of concrete per hour, your project becomes much more managable. The reduced labor costs alone add up to huge time-saving hours that contractors need nowadays to be competitive.
   Andrews owns and operates three well maintained modern concrete pump trucks, two 32 meter trucks and a 40 meter truck that will go to any jobsite within a 70 mile radius from our facility in Greenville Michigan. These powerful concrete pumpers give us the capability to pump up to 300 yards of concrete per hour. Each truck can place the concrete with total accuracy. Andrews Concrete pump truck operators can assist you in determining the best way to place the concrete you need. Andrews trained pump truck operators have a combined 30 years experience in pumping concrete and they will know how to apply that knowledge to your important project.
   We serve all the Montcalm area as well as the outlying counties of Kent, Gratiot, Isabella, Ionia, Mecosta, and Newaygo.
   If you have a project of your own and need extra muscle, Andrews Concrete also rents their pump trucks at a very reasonable rates. Call us for exact pricing at  (616) 754-9188

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